In business, we like simplicity


That is why we apply clear rules of cooperation. We take your business very seriously, regardless of its size and scale of operation. Regardless of whether you are a well-known, international brand or you are just taking your first steps in this business, you are guaranteed our full commitment.

How does cooperation work?


We get to know each other

In a moment you can send us a message.


We will answer all your questions.


If you want, we will call you at any time. We can also hold an online teleconference (by appointment).


You choose a product / Present your project

You can choose a product from the offer available on the website or order your individual design.


If you need something non-standard, write to us - we can also help you.


We create a prototype for you

In a short time, we can make and send you product samples.


This way you know exactly what you are ordering. You also choose the colours, sizes and ordered quantities.


You choose your label and graphics on it

If you want to brand your product, you can choose the type of label and send us the logo that we will place on it for you.


If you need it, we can help you design them.


We send samples or prototypes for approval

We create samples to give you confidence that the manufactured products will meet the defined standards in the future.


You can always compare them with a prototype.


Production starts

After the final determination of specifications and deadlines, we start production.


At your request, we can send you the first part by courier.


Packing and assembling

We create finished products and pack them for sale in accordance with your guidelines.


We deliver the goods to your warehouse

After the production is completed, we send your products by an qualified and tested transport company.


After just a few days you have them in stock and you can start selling.


Companies from Australia to North America work with us.

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